History of branch – Nukus branch Tashkent State Agrarian University

History of branch

Nukus branch of Tashkent state agrarian university is formed by 14.06.2003 Resolution of the Cabinet Minister Republics Uzbekistan for № 269 on the base of the agrarian faculty of Karakalpak state university named after Berdakh.
In Nukus branch of Tashkent state agrarian university act 2 faculties: “Agronomy and mechanization of the agriculture” and “Zoo- engineering” and 9 chairs (“Plant growing and protection of the plants”, “Husbandry and bases to land reclamations”, “Agricultural chemistry and land cadastre”, “Mechanization of the agriculture”, “Zoo- engineering”, “Organization of the stocking up and keeping of agricultural product”, “Economy and organization of the agriculture”, “Humanitarian discipline”, “Languages and exact discipline”).
In branch on 13 directions of the formation bachelors (5410100 – “Agrochemistry and agrosoil science”, 5410200 – “Agronomy”, 5410300 – “Protection of the plants and quarantine”, 5410400 – “Breeding and seed-growing agricultural cultures”, 5410500 – “Keeping and primary processing of agricultural production of technology”, 5410600 – “Zoo-engineering”, 5410700 – “Construction land and land cadastre”, 5410800 – “Forestry and settlement planting of greenery”, 5410900 – “Silk-worm breeding”, 5450200 – “Water farming and melioration, 5430100 – “Mechanization of the agriculture”, 5420100 – “Management in agriculture”, 5340900 – “Bookeeping account and audit”) 1606 students (of them on free base 539 and on pay a contract base 1067) and on 4 professions of the masters (5A410301 “Protection of the plants ” – (on branches), 5A410603 – Breeding, selection and reproduction of farming animals (on types), 5A420101 – “Farms conduct and management”), 5A430101 – “Mechanization of the agricultural “(on branches) “ all 29 students (of them on free base 8, on pay contract 21), in branch we have 1635 students (of them on free base 547 and on pay contract 1088) study at this moment.
There are 160 teachers work in Nukus branch of TashSAU. Of them doctor of the sciences, professors 7 persons, candidate of the sciences, docent 60, senior teachers 5 and assistant 88 persons. As a whole degrees on branch forms 41,9%.
Nukus branch of Tashkent state agrarian university closely cooperates with TashSAU, TIMI, SamAI, AndAI, UzSRI of cotton growing, UzSRI of mechanizations and electrification of the agriculture, UzSRI of breeding and seeding of cotton plant, UzSRI of stock-breeding, UzSRI of Kara-kul and ecology desert of researching institution.
Information – resource centre and local-network Nukus branch of TashSAU are enclosed in united wholesale – a fiber corporative system Ministry of High Education.
In branch there are whole 202 computers, 4 computer classes are equipped 80 computers and are connected to Internet. In the information fund- the centre of resource there are 39708 copies textbook, scholastic allowance, scientific and artistic literature, acts the system “ARMAT”.
In information – the centre of resource there over 3000 electronic resources (the textbooks, scholastic allowances, teaching methodical complexes, multimedia and etc.).
The Students Nukus branch of Tash SAU pass teaching and production practiсe in teaching – an experimental base of the branch, located on territory MTP “Aybek” Khodjeli region, in Karakalpak Science Resource Institute of husbandry, Karakalpak experimental station of Uz CI of crops agriculture, the centre of republic on protection of the plants, inspections of republic seeding control, Biolaboratory MTP Khodjeli region, Biolaboratory “Agro-MES” of Nukus region, Karakalpak experienced station on forestry, J/S “Khalkabad толаси”, J/S “Karakalpakcorn”, J/S “Karakalpakara-kul”, J/S “Karakalpakmeatpiarproduction”, in state unitary enterprise “Land construction and cadastre service to premises”, in Karakalpak expeditions on hydrogeology and land meliorations, in Karakalpak branch Uzbek Science Research Institute soil science and agricultural chemistry and on farming of Karakalpakistan.
In branch Act 7 innovation groups on integrations of the formation, sciences and production. The comprised agreements and realized innovation projects with 19 enterprises.
In branch are organized on teaching study of the foreign languages (an English, German) for gifted students.