Foreign guests from Dubai United Arab Emirates visited Nukus branch of Tashkent State Agrarian University. Dr.R.Singh (Program Leader Crop Diversification and Genetics) from ICBA (the International Center for Biosaline Agriculture) and together Diletta Ciolina Project Manager came to our university and  made a proposal for international partnership.


International cooperation organizations

    In order to widening the scale of international relations at the branch cooperation memorandums were signed with foreign scientific centers and educational institutions. For example, Chiba university, OYO corporation and Tokyo university of agriculture and technology (Japan), Tajikistan agrarian university named after Shirinsho Shotemur (Tajikistan), Azerbayjan state agrarian university (Azerbayjan), Kazakhstan national agrarian university and Southern Kazakhstan state university named after M.Auezov (Kazakhstan), Warsaw university of ecology and management (Polandа), AZ-Germany Consulting and PRAXX organization of practicing in Germany (Germany) and cooperational works are being done on developing educational and scientific fields with foreign scientific centers. Especially, cooperational contracts were signed in a large scale with higher educational institutions of Russian Federation, for example, Volgograd state agrarian university, Novosibirsk state agrarian university, Orenburg state agrarian university, Belgorod state agrarian university named after V.Ya.Gorin, Ural state agrarian university, Velikoluk state agrarian university, Vologod state milk agricultural academy named after N.V.Vereshagina, scientific-research institution of hydrotechnics and melioration named after A.N.Kostyakov, state agrarian university named after K.A.Timiryazev, Kuban state agrarian university named after I.T.Trubilin, Stavropolsk state agrarian university and Bryansk state agrarian university.

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