BUZNET project has started – Nukus branch Tashkent State Agrarian University

BUZNET project has started

On March 19th-20th, 2018, scientific and practical seminar took place in Nukus branch of Tashkent state agrarian university within the framework of the project 586000-EPP-1-2017 PT-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP “BUZNET – B-learning Uzbekistan Veterinary Network” of ERASMUS+ International Capacity Building.
The aims of the project are preparing the best specialists on veterinary specialty of Uzbekistan, implementing mixed education about teaching veterinary at HEIs, for acting these aims the following HEIs work together and change experience: 4 agricultural HEIs of Uzbekistan (Tashkent state agrarian university, Andijan agricultural institute, Samarkand agricultural institute, Nukus branch of Tashkent state agrarian university) and 4 agricultural HEIs of Europe (Universities of Pisa and Padova, Italy, Estonian University of Life Sciences, University of Porto, Portugal). It is not only changing experience in veterinary but also in industry (cattle-rising farms, milk companies and livestock-breeding farms).
Within the framework of the project the following guests came to Nukus branch of Tashkent state agrarian university: Augusto Faustino and Maria Graça Lopes from University of Porto, Portugal; David Arney from Estonian University of Life Sciences, Estonia; Stefano Romagnoli and Antonio Mollo from University of Padova, Italy; Ilkhomjon Sobirov and Oybek Rizayev from Andijan Agricultural Institute; Shavkat Hasanov, Nuriddin Ruzikulov and Abduvali Khushvaktov from Samarkand Agricultural Institute; Gayrat Mengliev and Botir Ulmasov fromTashkent State Agrarian University.
On March 19th, opening ceremony of the project was held at the conference hall of the branch. European and Uzbek members of the project, professors and teachers of the Faculty Zootechnics of the branch and students of the specialty veterinary took part in the ceremony. Director of the branch E.Toreniyazov opened the ceremony with congratulation and introduced the participants. He made a speech about the history of Nukus branch of TSAU, its today’s life and structure, and works which are being done about teaching veterinary. He also mentioned about international cooperation of the branch and projects of working together with foreign scientific institutions. He congratulated participants on Navruz holiday.
Then, member of the group of experts about developing high education – B.Paluanov made presentation about Projects of Erasmus+ at HEIs of Karakalpakstan and professor of Porto University – Augusto Faustino about BUZNET project. After the coffee break which was organized by the branch, guests visited museum of the branch and exhibition which was made by students for Navruz.
The second part of the day was spent by practice. Guests visited the livestock-breeding complex of Xojeli region together with the director of the branch and members of the project. They saw works of livestock-breeding, feeding them, treating and breeding in there. Then they went to Republic Veterinary Laboratory in Nukus and talked with laboratory workers about laboratory instruments, works in laboratory and illnesses of pets (cattle, goat, sheep) nowadays in Karakalpakstan.
Project members visited the milk company “Qoniratbay-Mehri” in Nukus and were introduced works of controlling milk in there.
On the second day of the seminar – on March 20th guests visited the livestock-breeding farm of Karaozek region. The manager of the farm – A.Kurbanov met them and introduced them with works of treating cattle and methods of breeding them. He also mentioned about new methods of treating goats which give a lot of milk and one humpback camels, and showed the animals which are grown at the farm.
The second part of the day was continued by sightseeing. Members of the project visited Karakalpak state art museum named after Savitskiy in Nukus. They were introduced with exhibits of the museum and watched preparation of Navruz holiday in front of the museum.

Head of the international
relationship department B.Sultamuratov