The head of chair: Karimxodjaev Nietbay Sharipovich
Тelephone: +99890-728 39 70
E-mail: karimxodjaev-nietbay @


The history of the chair «Languages»

In the staff of Nukus branch of Tashkent state agrarian university the chair has begun its activity in 2003 by the name of «Karakalpak and foreign languages». In 2003-2010 on the post of the head worked candidate of philology science K.Allanazarov. Since 2010 on the basis of chairs «Karakalpak and foreign languages» and «Mathematics, physics, chemistry and information technology» have been organized the chair «Languages and exact sciences». In 2010-2013 years on the post of the head worked a candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, docent T. Nurekeev, and in 2013-2014 candidate of philology science N.Karimkhodjaev.  According to the new structure of branch confirmed on the basis of the Decision of the Cabinet of Republic Uzbekistan №311 from 3-November, 2015 «About measures of further perfection of provision the rural system and water management with highly skilled experts», the chair «Languages and exact sciences» has been reorganized as  «Karakalpak, Uzbek and foreign languages». In accordance with the Presidential decree of the republic of Uzbekistan  “About the measures of radical improvement system of training highly qualified personnel”. The new structure of the Tashkent State Agrarian University has been revised on May 8 in 2018-year “Karakalpak, uzbek and foreign languages” changed into “Languages”. At present the head of the chair is candidate of philology science, docent N.Karimkhodjaev.

The chair maintains constant contacts with other higher educational institutions and leading scientific centers of the republic.

The Perspective plans of the chair

  1. Periodical continuation of preparation and the publication of textbooks and teaching aids in chair;
  2. The organization of special preparatory English, Russian, Uzbek, Karakalpak language courses for the students.
  3. Doing scientific research works on the following themes;

-Development of lexicon of the Karakalpak literary language during the Independence period; Development of Uzbek literary status in Karakalpakstan during the independence period; Lexico–semantical and lingua-cultural analyses of the karakalpak folk fairy tales; pedagogical bases of forming English speaking abilities in primary education system;


Scientific-practical communications of  the chair

1.The Karakalpak state university named after Berdakh,

  1. Nukus state pedagogical institute named after Ajiniyaz,

3.Karakalpak branch of Karakalpak humanity scientific research institute of the  Academy Sciences of the republic of Uzbekistan.


  • Professors-teaching staff: 9
  • Candidates of science: 3
  • Senior teachers: 2
  • Assistants 4