Sadikova Mexriban Ramanovna is a 4th year student of bachelor direction of plant Protection and quarantine at Agrobiology faculty of Nukus branch of Tashkent State Agrarian University. On a basis of the order of the Ministry of higher and secondary special education of the republic of Uzbekistan on September 25 2018 year  №808. Sadikova Mehriban Ramanovna is a grantee of state sholorship named after Beruniy. She is a member of the  innovation Project I-KX-2017-5-29 Introduction of optimal methods of phytonomus variabilis Hbst pest contral insidious in sect ticks in conditions of Karakalpakstan. Hhe is an active participant of scientific and scientific-practical conferences.


Graduotion from the bachelor degree of the faculty management in agriculture and zooengineering Nukus branch of  Tashkent State Agrarian University.  He became a grantee of Prestsidential state sholorship. By the order of Higher and secondary shecial education Ministry on November 5 in 2016 year. From 2018-2019 academic year he is a student of the direction of cattle breedny of master course. He is doing research work on “Learning the results of homogenous”. He published the articles on international conferences and respublic journal and an  active participant of scientific and scientific conferences.


 Xamidullaev Temirbek is a student of 2nd year student of agrochemistry and agrosoil science direction of agrobiology science   of  Nukus branch of Tashkent State Agrarian Universitypartictpated in the project “Start up” with his theme working out medicinal plants in the regions with low level water in the  republic of Karakalpakstan.