In 2018/2019 academic year in Tashkent state Agrarian University of Nukus branch

 has been appointed scientific supervisiors and master’s dissertations for the

1st year master student’s 

F.N.S. Scientific theme Scientific supervisior
5А410102-Agrochemistry speciality:
1.                   Reymov O’mirbay Nietbaevich «Determine the rate of fertilizer and the timing of the introduction of promising varieties of sorghum perennial kind of “Azamat”» doc. I.Nawrizbaev
2.                   Berdanov A’jiniyaz Arslanbaevich «Studing the agrochemical conditions of grassland-alluvial soils». A.Ma’mbetnazarov


3.                   Ja’nibek qizi Diana «Studing, chemical composition of under grand water of the irrigated lands, located in upper riverbed of the delta Amudarya». B.Jollibekov


5А410202-Plant growing (with crop directions) speciality:
4.                   Zinatdinov Kamalatdiyin Mnajatdin uli «Studing the effect of soybean crops on planting time in Karakalpakstan condition». doc.  T.O’serbaeva
5.                   Saparova Apuza Karimbaevna «The ways of growing lucorise in condition Karakalpakstan». doc.  G.Sabirov
6.                   Sa’tbaev Arslanbay Zinxaydarovich «Growing saflor as a herbal plant in conditions of Karakalpakstan».  X.Matjanova
7.                   Sabirova Shaxnoza Pamirovna «Learning ways nutrition tomato from leaves in alley of homes». doc.  N.Absattarov
 5А410301-Protection of plants (with methods) speciality:
8.                   Sultanbaeva Fatima A’repbay qizi «Bioecological features of the harmful hatchery (Eurygaster Integriceps Put.) And measures to combat it». doc.  Z.Bekbergenova
9.                   Tan’irbergenova Aynura Baxtiyarovna «The distribution of Kandala species in crops, damage and countermeasures». prof.  E.Sh.To’reniyazov
10.              Xojasov Muratbek Allamuratovich «Developmental characteristics of tady-bird and its use in biological methods». doc.  N.Shamuratova
11.              Sha’mshetova Aysuliw Muratbay qizi «The harmful effects of seeds on crops and methods of it’s elimination». doc.   A.Utepbergenov
5А410401-Selection and seed growing (with crop directions) speciality:
12.              Ramazanov Daniyar Baxitbaevich «Evaluation of the rice collection in the saline soils of the conditions of  Republic of Karakalpakstan». U.Abillaev
13.              Genjeeva Lena Jan’abaevna «Creation of drought-resistant hybrid drought from simple shooting in sunflower selection». B.Aytjanov
14.              Umurzakova Nargiza Maqsetbay qizi «Seleccion Evaluation of salt-tolerant wheat varieties in the conditions of Republic Karakalpakstan». U.Abillaev
V. 5А411001-Vegetable growing and melon growing speciality:
15.              Jadigerova Mirzagu’l Sa’rsenbaevna «Development of technology of selection and cultivation of tomato varieties in the conditions of the Republic of Karakalpakstan». prof.  M.Ibragimov
16.              Djalimbetov Musa Ayapbergenovich «Test varieties of bitter peppers and international collection samples in the soil conditions of the Republic of Karakalpakstan». X.Matyakupov
5А410605-Breeding speciality:
17.              Sultanov Yusupbek Fayzullaevich «Research of the heredity of homogeneous and heterogeneous crossing in sheep breeding». prof.  R.Turg’anbaev
18.              Ma’tniyazova Risgu’l Ma’tniyazovna «The study of the methods of selection of Karakul sheep secuense influence in the offspring».  S.Eshmuratova
 5А410601-Poultry raising speciality:
19.              A’limbaev Bawirjan Quralbaevich     «Zootechnical measures to present chicken helminthes on egg yolk».   doc. A.Djumamuratov
20.              Berdishova Gu’layim A’bishovna «Technologies of growing and processing guinea fowls».   doc. R.Jumashev