Nukus branch of  Tashkent State Agrarian University worked on a bases of scientific council of  higher educational institution approved on a bases of law №345 on December 9 of 1998 of the Ministry of higher and secondary specialized educational of  Uzbekistan

  1. In accordance with the law about high education organized branch council under the leaderchip the director in order to consider al the tasks which branch counsil activity include.
  2. The math aim of the council is to combine the tasks to be done that painted out below.

         To carry out the Nation program of training personnel to provide training highly qualified bachelor and master directions with modern pedagogical and computerized technologies, further improvement of scientific research, to build of youth patriotism proud of motherland, morality and education.

According to the rule the cousil unit of the branch includes director, deputies of director, the cleans of faculties the heads of chairs, the heads of departments and the head of trade union.

  1. The union of branche counsil is approved by the order of the the director. At the beginning of every academic year in different cases voted another member instead of dismissed members or applied by law.
  2. The tasks of the branch counsil:
  • According to nation program to consider the fulfillment of working programs state education standards.
  • To consider accounts on education, scientific research of moral education.
  • Organization of teaching process in chairs, the results of documents and scientific research works done by professor teachers.
  • Fulfillment of measures in departments.
  • The tasks of teachers training courses, scientific research works, moral and educational works are discussed.
  • To consider the works as to prepare books teaching aids and scientific teaching methodical literatures and publish them.
  • In accordance with the law. «About the order of employment of pedagogical workers of instituties of higher education are voted in a contest to take up their posts»
  • To consider the documents of condidates who are going to get their scientific degrees of docent or professors and proposes to approve in accordance with established procedure.
  • To propose the candidates from active students and professor teaching staff to send for probation at foreign instituties of higher education by different foundations.
  • To propose active students to get famous scholarships.
  • To approve dissertation themes of students doing scientific works and appoint their scientific leaders.
  1. Branch counsil carry out their works according to the curriculum done for every academic year.
  2. All the tasks of educational and scientific works are accepted by branch counsil vote by show of majority in accordance of established procedure.

The contest for application of professor-teachers posts they are taking up, there is proposal for getting scientific degrees of docent professors are conducted by closed vote in accordance of established procedure.

  1. The rules of branch counsil from into force after the directors approval.
  2. The meeting of the branch counsil are registrated officially by proccedings. The proceedings are signed by the head and secretary of the branch counsil.
  3. The head of the branch counsil organize the control of fulfillment of the meeting decisions and inform the members of the branch counsil about their fulfillment.