The union of young people of  Uzbekistan with the development of physicistically and culturally mature freedom of speech leads to the generation of young people with their own ideas, which is a consequence of the youth. It is the responsibility of young people to unite and control young people.

   The ultimate goal of the Alliance is to develop democratic, political and economical work of the young people, which is the state’s priority.

  The main objective of the Alliance is to promote the democratic, political and professional slogans of the youth in our country, to strengthen the rule of law and solidarity in the society, to integrate Uzbekistan into the world’s developed countries and to ensure the rights, freedoms and legitimate protection of younger generations.

   Raising the psychological and emotional levels of girls is a way of helping them develop their intellectual abilities.

   The most important task of the organization is:

  The vital dimension of the barcamp is that of being able to take a place in society, to educate young people who are strong in the process of development of the state, to develop their legal awareness and legal awareness of their political culture. The young men who are the youngest in the saiga are the spiritually-minded and military-patriotic parenting of the young, who are in the spirit of self-awareness, the incarnation of the events, the respect for national and universal human rights.

   The occurrence of negative changes in all spheres of the independent state, our future generates pride in our younger generations. Everyone in this pure sky is in love with all the doors. The pursuit of the most talented and optimistic students in their work has yielded results. The Nukus branch of the Tashkent State Agrarian University has provided students with many opportunities for the preparation of ethical specialists in the field of agriculture. Students of Tashkent State Agrarian University have more than 2,100 students in the Nukus branch.

   Tashkent State Agrarian University, Nukus branch, fulfills all synergy activities of the Youth Union of Uzbekistan.

  In particular, it is worth mentioning that each competition includes competitions in sports mountaineering and mahalla, nongresses in the system, and sports competitions by young people.

            Intelligent Intelligence Bookworm
Blacksmiths and smarts student theater studio
thought-out testing and every sporting session Agrar Life Comedy Club

     In the first place, the team of the Agrar Life Comedy Club won the third place in the semifinals held in Tashkent

      Palimbetova  Gulirano took the 1st place in the Agrarian Competition among rural Agrarian universities.

    In short, the Youth Alliance has been transforming itself into legal support and commitment to young people. Future buildersof the future!