Department of formation of a portfolio of orders, distribution of graduates to work, and monitoring

Head of the department: Bеrdimuratov Marat Esemuratovich

Telephone number: +99891 3816781

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Information about the activities of the department of formation of orders portfolio, division of graduates’ to work and monitoring

 The department of formation of orders portfolio, division of graduates’ to work and monitoring of a higher educational institution conducts its activities, guided by the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Law on Education, based on Decrees and Orders of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the provision of competitive staffing for economic sectors, the relevant Labor Code and applicable legislation.

The purpose and objectives of the department of formation of orders portfolio, division of graduates’ to work and monitoring:

Formation of a database based on the study of the needs of enterprises, institutions and organizations for highly qualified personnel, prepared at the university;

Promoting the development and improvement of market equity in the field of education, the formation of a real “order book” for graduates of bachelor and master degrees based on the demand for young professionals;

Create long-term and annual contracts for the supply of consumers by competitive specialists;

Provide special information to the special commission of the Ministry in the appointed time of graduates of the Ministry of Education, educational institutions (organizations), education,

Improving the competitiveness of higher educational institutions in a market economy through the creation of paid educational services:

Consideration of recommendations and proposals of a young specialist in the distribution of graduates of consumers and specialties from the current situation;

Conclusion of contracts with students or industrial enterprises studying on a contractual basis;

Creation and final distribution of the Alumni Creation Committee, as well as preparation and synthesis of individual reports on the distribution of graduates;

Apply to the Higher Education Commission for consideration and decision-making by young specialists, who were distributed by the Commission for distribution in the decision-making process, redistribution of the required employment;

Establishing contacts with young professionals who worked in the current year and in previous years, providing them with practical and methodological assistance, consulting and summarizing their results;

Implementation of the admission plan for the new academic year (allocation of government grants and plans for accepting payments, received applications, competitions, number of graduate students, their courses, trends in education, language of instruction, etc.);

To conclude contracts with state grants in the new academic year for 3 years at the place of work after graduation from higher educational institutions;

Employers (consumers) receive information about graduates through the media (newspapers, magazines, radio, electronic communication, and website) Information disclosure;

Providing information on the real needs of staff and the results of the final distribution of graduates in the relevant ministry (agency) and the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education;

To ensure the participation of higher education institutions at republican, regional and international exhibitions and fairs in order to demonstrate the capabilities and benefits of graduates.